Sunshine, Roller Coasters, and Good Company – 2016 Great America Picnic

New Image Landscape Company and Sansei Gardens, Inc. had their annual picnic at California’s Great America this past weekend on July 16th.

It was a day full of sunshine, water rides, roller coasters, beach volleyball, BBQ and smiling employees. California’s Great America features over 40 rides and attractions since its opening in 1976. Some of the historic coasters at California’s Great America includes the Grizzly, Demon, Vortex, Drop Tower and Flight Deck, previously known as Top Gun. The park also features three water rides as well as Boomerang Bay, a water park that opened in 2004.The Gold Striker opened in 2013, and is the tallest and fastest wooden coaster in Northern California.

New Image Landscape and Sansei Gardens employees were fortunate to have access to all of the exciting attractions that California’s Great America has to offer. Check out the gallery below to see some of the fun that was held at the 2016 California’s Great America Company Picnic!