Tree Injections

Tree injections are a preventative measure for aphid infestations. Aphids are small insects that can leave your tree stressed and covered in honeydew. You may think having honeydew is a great thing, but in this case it is not. This honeydew is a result of aphid droppings that attract ants with its sweet, sappy characteristics. If left alone, you will not only have an aphid problem, but an ant problem along with an area of damaged ground around your tree – blackened and sticky from Honeydew droppings.

These problems can all be avoided with this safe and eco-friendly preventative measure. Tree injections need to be done about once a year to ensure this infestation does not occur. The injections take place just before spring in order for the injection to reach all parts of the tree. If your tree already has an aphid infestation, you cannot use an injection. If your tree is already infested you can spray, but unlike a controlled application, spraying can pollute the air and continue on in sewers.

Call us to schedule annual injections for your trees or to discuss any tree work you may be looking in to having done by our fantastic Tree Team!